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About Me

Golden threads and leaving a legacy...
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Storytelling, Writing, Brand Development

If you were to read my personal Instagram description, you would see that I am a Canadian girl, inspirational writer, professional photographer, beachcomber, sand and wave lover, roadtripper, spiritual being, goddess of the beach. I have got to say, that is one very accurate picture of the golden threads that run through me. 


In addition to those descriptors above, I am also a very experienced and competent professional who puts relationships, excellence and  leaving a legacy at the top of the list- lit up in neon lights! (Yes, like the cool lights of the old motel signs in a good movie!)

My philosophy is, we are all in this together, we need to shore each other up and reach new heights! Seems a bit warm and fuzzy? Well, that is who I am...but don't let that fool you, I am a laser focused life learner who is competitive, confident, creative and ready to do what is needed to exceed all scenarios and speed bumps to be truly successful. Being stylish and positively impactful while I do that...just a bonus! 

Having been given a gift of the written word and capturing moments & memories with my lens...a fantastic combo to share the best stories, give others goosebumps and live an enriched life all while feeling the sand in my toes, sun on my face and going into total fan girl status while in the photo pit of live events!


Anyone can talk a good game, but it takes a soulful spirit to tell the authentic story, the deep down good stuff that makes a difference in other's lives. Leaving a legacy of inspiration, kindness and gratitude , that is what it is all about.

I'm a storyteller. Did you really think you would get a resume style About Me?

(you can find that in the FAQs section!)

Kerrying On, Time to get down to business! 



Welcome to KMG Kreatives, I am here to listen,

work with you to reach new heights in your business

and assure you are leaving your legacy! 

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We all have our 'Why'     Here are mine    Who/what are yours?

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