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What are your office hours?

Here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada we are working on Eastern Standard Time, Office hours are 10am to 12pm, 2pm-4pm EST, Monday to Friday. As you can see, there are specific time slots shaded out so your projects get my full attention and completed in a timely manner! All client emails, tasks and meetings will be prioritized in these posted office hours.


You are more than welcome to send an email in the middle of the night (yes, I know you are sitting there shaking your head YES to that one!) I will reply once I turn my laptop on for the day ahead. If you have a career making, epic project or a career breaker and desperately seek a written PR/media release that relays an “all on hands on deck” declaration? I’m IN – the office hours are only a suggestion at that point!

I will be by your side, in the trenches – let’s DO this!

Canadian Holidays are observed, you will be notified beginning of each month what specific days we will hang the “gone to the beach” sign!

Do you keep my information safe and confidential?

Strict confidentiality equals loyalty to you and your business. There will be NO information shared with any third party. If a vetted subcontractor is called up from the major leagues, you will be notified and specific details shared in advance. If you send in documentation to assist in the strategy/creation and execution phases, that documentation will be returned to you once the project is completed and paid for. Online payments through are secure, no worries – ever. 

What is your payment process? 

All payments are to be made in full upfront with your credit card on this website or by e-transfer to Please use the invoice # for the message in e-transfers. For those monthly retainer clients, an invoice will be generated for the 1st of the month, Prompt payments are important to make so I can get to work on your wishes, visions, and dreams!

What if 'Life happens" and I might miss a meeting with you?

Meetings – What is more valuable then your time or my time? Drawing a blank over here! If we have a scheduled video chat/phone call, please ensure that you give me a 24hr cancellation notice so other clients can jump in and everything keeps running swimmingly! I will do the same! Promising to be on time, present and zoned into your needs is how I roll!

Do some projects take a little longer?

Yes indeed! Timing will hang on complexity of the 'one off' requests, with a 36-48hr turnaround time goal once all information is received necessary to the completion of the project. Clear and transparent communication will be a promise I keep!

Will you keep me updated on how my project/workload is going?

Via weekly updates, you will be very aware of progress that is being made on your projects! With each service package available, an ongoing, live checklist will be created and shared with you in google docs. For all you OCD solopreneurs/entrepreneurs/business warriors - I get you! I have your back!

What about a refund? 

My promise is being very committed to have the time to meet or exceed your expectations, in addition to time managing other client’s needs. Refunds are not offered on unused hours nor are hours to roll over to the next month. There is no small print, no bad surprises, no hidden fees...transparency rocks!

Any chance there is a Referral Bonus?

Funny you should ask!  There IS an exclusive Referral Program for KMG Kreatives!

Networking makes the world go ‘round…learned this one long ago! If you are sharing the KMG Kreatives Love Note with a friend/family member/office collegue/neighbour/your dentist/your nonprofit cause, etc, a $50 credit goes to your trusted referral when they sign on to a monthly package! They win and you win! You will also receive $50 credit (Max 1 x $50 credit per month. If 2 in a month, the second $50 credit will be applied to your next monthly retainer!) Be sure to have your contact mention your name when they sign in for a monthly creative package! 

Are you experienced enough to help me with my goals?

Well that right there is a great question! My corporate Canada journey started at the young age of 23. I was a feisty, independent young warrior who had been wearing, loving and breathing the Nike brand since I was single digits, so it seemed only fitting that I would call Nike Canada HR dept every week for months to see if there were any openings! To my dream of all dreams, they finally did have a spot and the bright lights, big city experience began! (Stay tuned on my blog page for more of this part of the story) 

Learning from the best branded visionary company in the world is how I began my career, yes - pretty cool indeed! Post-Nike era, I excelled in retail & sales management 20+ years for some fantastic top of the tree companies along the way! I fine tuned my relationship building abilities, gained my communications & time management guru status, learned operations while flying by the seat of my fast wit and intuitive gut feelings, worked in the mountains of Jasper Alberta, to the shores of Victoria BC...that is where my writing and photography really came to light- if only the beginning, it was life changing. 

Fast forward, passed the retail management, running golf tournaments across the country, spending four years as a community relations director in the Sr Living industry, honing my skills as an event organizer and community centered fundraising expert, corporate resort management and nonprofit storytelling/social media experience...whew...I have seriously lived and learned so much along the ever-changing path that I chose! Throw in world travel, road trips, live music & photography, a serious amount of time in the sand and the waves and you have a well traveled, spiritual, open minded free spirit who has built her own empire in which to truly help others reach their goals!


Ah, so YES, I do believe I am very capable of helping you reach the heights you see in your own dreams and goals! Are you ready? Click HERE to see what services and packages you can choose from!

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