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What books are you reading?

This is a question that comes up occasionally that makes me giggle a little. As I continue my inspirational writing on social media, I share the good, the plot twists and the temporary but all-encompassing meltdowns for the ages! My thought process is If we are not true in our own being, how are we to shore others up that want to be directed and focused on their own true north?

After the last 15 years of trauma & triumphs, masking chronic pain, endless hours of searching for the diagnosis and the nonexistent cure-all, 5 major surgeries (only one planned, two I didn’t think I was coming back from), living in the corporate world as it effortlessly pounded my energy levels and well-being to a pulp (I don’t even like pulp in my orange juice!), hiding any wince or ouch from other’s peripheral (Oh, I hid it well!), missing social times with friends who didn’t know why, quietly bonding with those friends who shared similar stories, all the while throwing myself into the ring on our community’s behalf to coach grade 6-8 girl's basketball for 4 years, strategizing & organizing so many fundraisers & events that brought hope, much needed funds and balance to those who needed it more than I. If you are also a master of the mask, I know you are shaking your head yes right now!

Professionally, working for companies I was able to fine tune my own abilities to a sharp, confident and successful edge. A breath of fresh air that freaked out the old school thinkers, cheered on those with that certain sparkle in their eye, knowing they were destined for so much growth and happiness – they just didn’t know it yet! Working with families that were desperate for peace from caregiver’s stress, seniors that were searching to call somewhere safe home, bringing community advocates together so that ideas and knowledge could be shared and appreciated, watching over thousands of campers on a long weekend in a resort management role- now that was the tipping point for this kid! Wow, never again! Lol

I had a chat with the Universe a while back, asked for a more gentle, mobile, balanced life where I could ascend to new personal heights, love my family time more, travel wherever the dart landed on the map (thanks for the solo trip to Costa Rica – Loved it!), just slow down, focus on what my mind and soul were bringing to the table that didn’t involved 50-70 hours a week. It has all begun, the answers are flowing, the paradigm shift has happened, and I am grateful and blessed beyond belief!

Tip for you, if you are going to ask your own spirit guide for something, be specific, like really detailed! Not on HOW it happens, but on WHAT the results are you are looking for and working hard towards…and then leave room for the miracles to take shape!

Ok, back to the books…So, when someone asks me “what books have you been reading to become so wise and knowledgeable in life”, what chapters in said books “do you get your answers to trauma and tragedy”, …”where are you finding these books – can I find them on Amazon?”

My go to answer is check out Mr Mike Dooley, a spiritual guru and thought leader who speaks my language! (Yes he is on Amazon) and so many other amazing visionaries that rock my world. Other than that, I can truthfully say I have gone through enough in my life, to know a few things about living, dying, struggle and pain, got back up and decided to Kerry On despite all of it! It is all about the healing, the purging of triggers, exuding the deepest levels of courage you have…and then giving it some more.

Pick a book, any book – then remember to go outside and live your best chapter surrounded by the waves, sand, trees, and all nature’s gifts that are there for you to see, if you take the time to get your nose out of those pages. Writing my own best seller, leaving a legacy of gratitude, love, and spirituality as I go…Namaste. KMG xo

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